About Us

Diamond Cuber came with a unique Idea never been introduced in the Country with combination of three different income sources into one place.

This allowed to user to earn money without any restricted where other can do by capping the daily payouts.
In three ways users can earn money as below:

Binary Income
Repurchase Income
Commission on Marketplace

Binary Income:

The user can earn the Money Up to 63,000/- per day through the growing of his team.

Repurchase Income:

Diamond Cuber allowed the members can do purchase for themselves or their known person through his login and good profit which will share by the company as the products delivered by the company to the Customer without any middle man, So there is big chances to earn huge. On the websites users can pay bill payments as well as recharge their prepaid mobile phones and all DTH Recharges. Moreover, members can also pay their utility bills like electricity, gas, data card bills and postpaid mobile bills through DiamondCuber.com. And Company is listing its own Brands of Apparels and Accessories for Men and Women. Here the company is dealing with products so that member can earn major share by direct selling the goods.

Commission on Marketplace:

We never restrict your shopping commitment you users freely allowed to purchase any market places like amazon, flipkart, jabong..etc. We will provide you Commission up to 10% - 20% for your purchase on those shopping portal, we are partner of the 80+top most online shopping portals. End of the day a single person can earn from one lakh onwards per day we didn’t restrict your earning it’s your potential as much as you can. Up to 10 levels of hierarchy you can earn the commission simply you need to refer your friend and sit simply it’s a big path of passive income.

Vision & Mission

The company started with Great idea of earning money, as per the Company definition SAVING MONEY IS EARNING MONEY. In present Scenario wisely spending money is also a big deal. So we will make you rich by whatever you spent for your lively hood. So utilizing this opportunity is also a big deal for you. Don’t worry we will guide you. Just think yourself and follow the company or else someone will benefit with your expenses.

  • Future Financial freedom to leads happy life at any stage of your life.
  • A unique way to earn money by collaborating the top Market giant.
  • It declares our purpose as an organization and is the quality against that we have a tendency to weigh our actions and selections.
  • To make the future bright,
  • Saving money is Equal to Earn.
  • Your optimism will save the huge money earn good income which leads to happy life forever.